Active Awards

Believe it achieve it 

We believe encouragement and praise will help children grow in confidence. Our awards don't just recogonise participants ability but their effort and attitude.

Active Star

Active Star

The Active Star award is given out to one participant at the end of a coaching session or holiday camp day. The coach will recognise the member of the group who has either shown the best attitude or the most improvement that day

Active Champion

Active Champion

To become an Active Champion is no mean feat. This special award is presented at the end of any coaching course or holiday camp and it is to champion the child who has over the course or week shown they have worked hard, listened, been a great ‘team active’ player and shown great examples of the ‘Active Way’ to the group.

Captain Active

Captain Active

Earn your captain’s armband. Demonstrating your leadership skills and being a role model to other children. This award is only given out on extra special occasions or to an individual who has shown sportsmanship above and beyond what is expected within the Active Way

Confidence – Believing in yourself that you can achieve

Healthy - We recognise the importance of children leading active and healthy lifestyles.

Inclusive - Our team is trained to make sure that everyone is involved and made to feel welcome.

Growth – Viewing challenges as opportunities we encourage progression. Praising efforts, being positive and believing you can become the best version of you!

Resilience – To create resilient individuals who always try their hardest and never give up

Fun – We believe children and adults who enjoy themselves and have fun, will learn more and want to keep taking part.

Make it Happen

Fun, Healthy, Inclusive