Our Brands

Active Sports Group

After 15 successful years of Active Soccer, the Active Sports Group was founded. The group offers sports coaching and business opportunities through the activity programmes Active Totz, Active Soccer and Active Sport.

We offer a variety of programmes that help combat inactivity trends and provide an opportunity for young people and adults to engage in sport and leisure in a Fun, Healthy and Inclusive environment.

Active Soccer

Active Soccer offers opportunities for children to gain their first football experience from the age of 4. 

Active Soccer offers a special and engaging experience. Developing skills, confidence and improving children’s health and well-being through active learning.

Active Sport

Fun, healthy and inclusive sports and physical activities for children (4-11-year-olds) across the UK

Whether at your primary school or through afterschool activities like sports camps, adventure camps, football camps, birthday parties, active clubs, holiday and half-term camps, we’ll make sure your child is having fun in a safe and encouraging environment.

Active Totz

Active Totz is lots of fun. Structured play sessions with energy and excitement. We take children on a journey of sporting imagination.

Introducing children between the ages of 18 months-5 years to physical activity the focus is on fun, fun and more fun through interactive games using a wide range of sporting equipment and the active totz framework to provide children a diverse experience.