To book a venue or hire with the Active Sport Centre head to the front page to find the relevant links.

Pitch bookings can be cancelled through the Sportskey platform the booking was made on. Any issues doing this please contact 0800 740 8855 

We currently do not accept childcare vouchers due to needing to be OFSTED registered which we are in the process of applying. 

Head to Contact us and Opening times to see our updated times for both Venues.

We accept both individual and block bookings for customers at both our Maghull and All Hallows venue

To book a birthday party with the Active Sport Centre please follow the steps below:

Email the Venue below with the follow details: 

All Hallows - allhallows@activesportcentre.co.uk

Maghull - info@activesportscentre.co.uk

  • Date of Party:
  • How many Children you would like:
  • The package you would like to use:
  • Desired Sport of the party: