The Active Story

Active Soccer was founded in 2005 with the sole purpose of enhancing and increasing sporting opportunities for young people. With focus on building a brand that provided fun, healthy and inclusive programmes, the Active brand has become trusted and recognised helping 18 month to 11 year old children grow and nurture their confidence, resilience and mindset within a safe environment. 

The development and delivery of high-quality programmes across the UK with coaches that champion the Active values has been of the utmost importance when growing its network of franchises. In order to develop its services and remain relevant, partnering with a variety of organisations such as CIMSPA, Davies Sports and several National Governing Bodies has been key to ensure that every Active session delivered is created from the best available resources.

In addition to the franchise offering, the Active Sport Centre opened in 2014 establishing a new Head Office space and 3G pitch facilities. Acquiring the centre provided further scope to grow the Active brand and expand its variety of services when health and fitness has never been so prevalent.  

In 2020 the company rebranded to operate under the newly formed Active Sports Group to reflect the multi service offering that the business now provides targeting children and adults of all ages. The focus and passion has never been stronger with innovation and creativity at the forefront of its investment including a new software platform that plays a fundamental role in how both the company, clients and franchisees now operate.

In March 2022 Active Sports Group acquired their second Active Sport Centre in partnership with a school in Cheshire which offers a broad range of sporting facilities. 

The Active Sports Group is a fresh and forward-thinking company where remaining relevant will always play a key driver in creating new opportunities and lasting experiences for years to come.

Our Values & Vision

Everyone involved within Team Active shares our values, vision and educational ethos.

  • We must first provide ‘Fun, Healthy, Inclusive’ experiences for all.

  • By understanding and creating a ‘Fun, Healthy, Inclusive’environment it allows us to support and develop the important ongoing personal development of everyone who takes part.

  • Our objective is to improve and build individual ‘Resilience, Confidence and Growth’

We want to help create a positive impact for you, be it your journey as an individual, a parent, your child’s journey, or your career if you choose to join the Active Sports Group.

Confidence – Believing in yourself that you can achieve

Healthy - We recognise the importance of children leading active and healthy lifestyles.

Inclusive - Our team is trained to make sure that everyone is involved and made to feel welcome.

Growth – Viewing challenges as opportunities we encourage progression. Praising efforts, being positive and believing you can become the best version of you!

Resilience – To create resilient individuals who always try their hardest and never give up

Fun – We believe children and adults who enjoy themselves and have fun, will learn more and want to keep taking part.

Believe it, achieve it… Your journey starts now
Mark Whitwood Mark Whitwood
You don’t lose, you learn

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